About the Website

TheFusionComic.com is a superhero webcomic created by Joshua Tukes. All of the writing and drawing for The Fusion is currently being done by Joshua Tukes. The genre of the story is action/comedy with a tad bit of drama and social satire.

Plot Synopsis

Sky City is a place of innovation and aspiration. But the vision of the city is now being attacked by super villains and destruction. Now is the time for the superhero named, The Fusion, to defend the city and inspire hope to the people. But when this hero is not taking on the battle of good versus evil or dealing with the social issues of the times, he is Joseph King, a young college physics professor. However this new job as a college professor is a challenge of its own when teaching students, that otherwise are the same age as him. And let’s not forget the endless journey of answering the call of everyday life.

About the Artist

Hello everyone, my name is Joshua Tukes, and I hope you enjoy reading my webcomic as much as I enjoy creating it. Since I was a kid I enjoyed reading and watching TV shows of comic book superheroes; and I have been drawing pictures and creating art all my life. I am a storyteller at heart with a vivid imagination for diverse stories, characters, and worlds. It has been a long desire of mine to create a comic series with one my own superheroes I created, and when I discovered webcomic’s I knew there was no excuse for doing so. So here I am now creating my very own webcomic called, The Fusion. Outside of creating The Fusion, I am building upon my independent media arts business with my two younger brothers called Tukes Arts where we develop film, photos, and of course art. Thanks for reading this and I pray that every day is great day for you.