One of Franco Dean’s Goons, Brutis, appears to be a big strong brute of a man; but he is not always the violent type that he gets paid to be. He also, at times, has far better suggestions and ideas then his boss Franco gives him credit for.

Franco Dean

Son of a high level mobster family, Franco Dean has chosen Sky City to make a name for himself as one who can stand on his own without the legacy of his family. Franco is very independent, has a big ego, and thinks he has the coolest swag in the city. He uses the money he has from his mobster family to buy high level weaponized technology to intimidate the city into his submission and battle The Fusion. He is all about flash and has two goons who work hand and hand with him as he does his criminal activities. His two goons are Cronos and Brutis. And although Cronos and Brutis look like macho men on the outside, they tend to have far better ideas then Franco does himself on how they should execute there criminal plans effectively. Sadly, Franco’s ego is too big to hear any suggestions that might actually give him the end result he so often strives for.

The Fusion

The Fusion is the hero of Sky City, and with using powers he has developed through atmospheric vibrations, he has obtained the enhanced abilities of flight, strength, speed, force fields, and energy blasts. The Fusion’s mission is to defend Sky City from all forms of destruction and any villain who dares to attack it. He also uses his public influence to inspire others to become greater, respond to social issues, and presents himself as a positive role model. However, with the ranging views of people and the mass media, he is not always received, or presented, as those positive attributes in the public eye.


Another Goon to Franco Dean, Cronos, has been involved with criminal activity for the majority of his life. He is also another guy with a strong and brutish appearance. But don’t let his size fool you, he has some wits of his own to take people out instead of just using muscle. He is in many respects a brother to Brutis, and like Brutis, has ideas that are, at times, far better than Franco’s. Which makes a noticeable point, that Crono’s pays attention to logic and reasoning more than his boss ever does. However, unlike Brutis, Cronos will far more often give off sarcastic remarks towards Franco if he finds his boss’ ideas dumb, or if they remind him of why plans have so often failed in the first place.

Mayor Garcia

Since he was voted into office, Mayor Garcia has been embracing and pushing forward the vision of Sky City. A man of high moral standing, and high regard for the overall well fair of the people; he is the type of mayor most cities would be proud to have. The only down side is with all these recent super villains and events of destruction, he is now in the public eye more than ever as the man who will lead the city back to its original vision, or the cause of the city’s detrition and downfall due to weak leadership. What will any mayor do with that kind of public pressure?